Welcome to the Mpongwe Powells, our new home on the net. Keep up to date with our latest news and scrapes!



11 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Hi Helen. Is there any chance that you could make sure john and Mary lydden get the blogg. They are so faithful in prayer and they are such a blessing to us and I’m sure you guys too. Really miss you all. Trust this finds you and John and the boys all well, and that you are not working too hard xxx


  1. Hi Powell’s…!! Great new site.!….it’ll be so good to keep up to date more easily. Hope things are moving forward….we keep you folded into our prayers every day. So much love to you both xx Paul and Shirley


  2. HELLO GRANDMA AND GRANDPA! It’s so awsome to see and hear what you are up to and that it’s going so well!! It’s so exciting! Missing you lots and love you!! Xxxx


    1. Hi Helen . I have today sent out a prayer request, but don’t seem to have your email, nor your dad and mums. Have sent to Deane, John and Mary, so either grab them,or let me have your emails, so that we can keep in contact with you guys as well.



  3. Hope things are going well with you – struggling with poorly wife, poorly mum in law, poorly father in law in Exeter and old student attempting suicide. Life is interesting to say the least. Glad I’m not in control! Looking forward to hearing some of your news. Blessings Deane.


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